Garage Door Services

Depend on Burns A Z Garage Doors and Gates INC
for all of your local Santa Clarita Garage Door Service!

Burns A Z Garage doors and Gates INC
provide several Products and Services such as:

• New Garage Door Installation
• Broken Springs Replace
• Off Track Doors Repair
• Replace Cables, Rollers and Hinges, Sensors, Wall Console
• Bent Tracks Replace
• New Openers installation and Remotes programming
• Keypad installation and programming
• Lift Master, Genie, Chamberlain Products
• Section Replacement
• Removal and Disposal of Jobsite Materials
• Warranty Service and Maintenance

Manufacturer brands available through
Burns A Z Garage Doors and Gates INC:

A complete line of products and accessories are available at
Burns A Z Garage Doors and Gates INC
that manufacture by 
Chamberlain Group LLC (the corporate parent company to LiftMaster)

Featuring myQ Wi-Fi 

Allows you to connect your smartphone directly to your garage door opener. No more turning around to see if you've closed the garage door, simply access the app on your phone to see if the door was left open. If so, you can close it automatically from your phone while on your way.

myQ enables you to manage, monitor and control everything from lights to garage door openers and beyond—anytime, and from anywhere. myQ will also send real time alerts anytime your door has been activated and keeps a log of how many times your door has been operated.

New from

Wall Mount Design Garage Door Opener
The Simple Beauty of an Open Space

• Exclusive wall mount design offers a cleaner appearance, freeing the garage ceiling of hanging operator, rails, chains or belts and opening up additional storage and space.

• Perfect for a home with a room above the garage—this ultra-quiet wall mount eliminates direct transfer of sound and vibration through the ceiling.

• Design allows for installation in garages with cathedral or obstructed ceilings.

• The Remote Light  This self-contained low profile LED light that can be mounted on the ceiling or wall lets you light your garage your way, wherever it’s needed (Additional Remote Lights available, model 827LM, requires 110 outlet near mounting surface).

• The Power Lock deadbolt ensures the door can’t be forced open.

Did you know? Your garage door and automatic opener needs regular maintenance! Garage door service is very important. If you are like most people, your garage door gets opened and closed more than your front door! You wouldn't drive your car without maintaining it, would you?

After all, your garage door is the largest and heaviest moving object in your home. Regular maintenance can prevent unnecessary wear on important components to your door, such as rollers, hinges, bearings and springs which could not only cost you additional money, but could make your door unsafe to operate.

A few simple things you can check that will let you know when it's time to call a professional technician are: Excessive noise that may be coming from the door or the automatic opener can sometimes be a clue that there is a problem.

By simply putting the door in the closed position, you can pull down on your manual release cord which is usually located on the automatic opener. Once the door is on manual, you want to check to see if the door is in proper balance, being careful not to put your fingers in between the gaps of the panels, use handles that should be mounted on the back of the door, to lift the door to the halfway position.
A properly balanced door should stay in this position after you let go of the handle, if the door drifts down or feels too heavy it's possible that your springs, located above the door, need to be tightened. This should only be performed by a licensed technician.

If the door is properly balanced, you should be able to perform a safety reverse test by setting a 1 1/2 inch block (2X4) laid flat underneath the center of the door. A properly adjusted door should reverse upon contact with the block. If it does not reverse, it may cause entrapment underneath the door leading to serious injury to your family and friends.
If this is the case, you should call a licensed garage door company immediately to make the proper adjustments. Investing in your family's safety by maintaining your door should be a priority and is not worth delay.
Burns A Z Garage doors and Gates INC is operating in the garage door industry in the Santa Clarita Valley since 1996 and we are also licensed and bonded.

Broken torsion springs remain one of the most common repair calls we receive. People have been seriously injured when tightening or releasing the springs themselves — that's why you need a professional technician to safely perform the repair. We are a licensed and bonded company!

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